Faculty of Communication




We are in communication with our surroundings from the moment we are born; in the contemporary world, this communications-pattern shifts constantly among newspapers, social sharing sites such as Facebook and Twitter, TV channels, websites, movies, and mobile phones. Such a dynamic world of communication demands qualified communicators who can add something to it. We train such communicators. The Faculty of Communication is among the seven faculties of IUE, the first Foundation University of Izmir. It was established in 2001 and started educating students during the 2003-2004 academic year. IUE has the privilege of providing education in Izmir, the third largest city of Turkey, where the first newspaper was printed (before Istanbul), a city with a tradition of strong local media and regional journalism as well immersion in the mainstream media coming out of Ankara and Istanbul. We provide education in three departments: ▪ Public Relations and Advertising ▪ New Media and Communication ▪ Cinema and Digital Media We have a Public Relations and Advertising Dual-Diploma Program as part of a dual-diploma program with State University of New York. Students can attain dual diplomas by doing Double Majors, or they can gain a certificate by completing a Minor Program. We offer graduate education in the Media and Communication Studies Graduate Program. Close ties with the communications and media world Our Advisory Board is composed of representatives of the media and communications sector in Izmir; we work closely with the sector through recognized part-time faculty members.Apart from the two-month compulsory internship, we allow our students to do an internship during the semester as they continue with their formal education. We also frequently bring our students together with representatives of the sector, apart from academic courses.