Faculty of Communication

Media and Communication Studies Graduate Program (With Thesis)

To understand, study, and manage both the processes of communication and the media themselves, one needs to adopt an interdisciplinary approach and study subjects from a variety of disciplines ranging from political science to psychology.  At the current global conjuncture in which we find ourselves, developments in communication technologies, as well as changes in the ways communication plays a role in our daily lives, have gained much momentum. These developments and changes have now increased the need in the media industries for qualified personnel who are critical, specialized, and have the required knowledge and skills.

The Media and Communication Studies Program has been designed as an attempt to respond to this need.  This program is a journey that advances on intersecting paths and all the while covers a flexible and extensive area: from apprehending the very nature of the media to familiarizing oneself with media dynamics, from defining strategic forms of communication to mapping the processes of marketing communications, which includes the study of public relations and advertisement. 

Within the scope of the Media and Communication Studies Graduate Program, we offer our students a chance to pursue one of two fields of specialization: Media and Communication and Marketing Communication.  The program requirements include two restricted-elective courses and three free elective courses. After completing their coursework in the first year, students are expected in the second year to begin their research for the thesis.

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